Cumin Nibbles


जीरा गोली




Have a Cumin Nibbles online after a wholesome meal with Wellubia’s specially created jeera goli online that soothes your tongue & stomach because of its perfect blend of spices with jeera in a unique salty and tingling taste. The spicy and refreshing taste of jeera rejuvenates your palette, while giving you the sweet and tangy taste. Have these anytime you want and get a mouthful of flavours.




Ingredients :

Sweetened Rose Petal Paste 40%, Added Sugar
25%, Cumin Seed Powder 25%, Mixed Spices 9%, Coriander
Seed Powder 5%, Dry Mango Powder 5%, Acidity Regulator –
330 & Edible Salt 1%.


Shelf Life :

12 Months


Wellubia (Well + Bia)

Word Bia is known as food in Irish language.
We at Wellubia aim to provide you with best quality of seed mixes and mouth fresheners out there in the market.
From our house to yours, our goal is your Well-being.


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