Our Story


ellubia was founded to erase a simple myth that
people have to make a choice between food, nutrition and well-being. We can do it all! That is how we will get to a happy and healthy future.

We strive to inspire a healthy lifestyle through gluten free, natural and nutritious fine food mixes. Our super mixes are responsibly sourced and created from the ground up using real & trusted ingredients. Inspired by the wonderful indigenous Indian flavours, Wellubia is traditional but nutritious.

Most food products today contain artificial chemicals, flavours, colours and enhancers.
But not at Wellubia, everything about Wellubia is
100% Natural & healthy.


Our Philosophy is very simple!

Wellness on a plate!

Quality tested, standing tall on a benchmark of
hygiene and food safety. We take trust and transparency
seriously. It is just not a rule but a habit at Wellubia.

Our Founders


It takes an awesome team to create an awesome product. We don’t stress about profits and so we stay focused on you and your well-being. Family-owned, Wellubia is a new venture by Kabir Foods which was started by Mr. Rishi Agarwal 15 years ago. His son and his team of visionaries are now leading us into the next millennium of 100% tasty nutritious foods.

Vikas Agarwal
with his knack for taste development and knowledge on food manufacturing, he envisions foods for the future that can change the way we think about well being.
Anmol Choudhary
young and ambitious, Anmol has joined the core team to add a millennial flair and make sure things are done right and innovation remains the centre stage as we grow.